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Homeland Security


FP complete developed a set of tools that addresses various issues regarding access to data.

We are attempting to position this as a tool package and shop it around to see if there is interest in it as a product.

The product will come along with some consulting work to implement and deploy at the customer, but we are positioning this as a stand-alone product. Target Audience.

  • Enterprise in the Financial and Health Sector
  • Slow rollout for new products, services and features
  • Lack of Agile and digital technology skills in the workforce
  • Ignoring these challenges can cost enterprises dearly, and create a “digital disconnect” between a business and its customers

Main Use Case.

  • Developing secure data pipelines for analytics, reporting, machine/deep learning that meet regulatory requirements for PII
  • Extracting data from legacy enterprise databases to be used in these data pipelines

Technologies Invloved.

  • Apache Spark
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL


Issues Addressed

FP Complete employs the latest Agile and DevOps methodologies to help speed up your application development process. We help implement a factory-based development model and enable you to leverage a variety of cloud platforms to develop and test your applications.


Product Engineering Centre of Excellence

Scaled distributed Agile

Powered by automated DevOps to accelerate delivery

Cloud solutions implementation

Implementation of industry-leading cloud solutions like Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Salesforce and Docker

Integrated Approach

An integrated approach that addresses culture, technology and toolsets


Automation-powered development model for every platform


Integrated Quality Engineering

Key Benefits

40% Faster Time to Market

50% Reduction in Defect Leakage 

Revenue Growth through Technology Transformation

30%+ Lower Development Costs

Success Stories

DevOps Automation for a U.S. Credit Rating Company

The client is a leading U.S. credit rating agency that was looking to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of its software delivery process.

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FP® Enables DevOps Automation for a Leading Financial Services Provider

The client engaged FP Complete to help deploy applications in technologies such as Java and .Net, but manual work was impacting time to market. See how our DevOps automation services accelerated their process.

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Faster Product Development with Agile Adoption

A large Fortune 500 cards and payments provider was struggling to improve its time-to-market with products. The client wanted to drive Agile methodology within the organization. 

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80% TAT reduction for a home retailer

FP Complete helped one of the world's largest retailers achieve an 80% reduction in the time to roll out new applications. See how we did it.

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