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This page contains technical resources around server software, cloud deployment, Haskell, and Rust, focused at implementors. If you're interested in learning more about FP Complete, schedule a meeting by clicking here.

This site contains information about our technology resources, online learning resources we provide, projects we've authored, and some philosophy comments on our overall approach to engineering.

Engineering Philosophy

FP Complete believes in using better tools to produce more reliable results. We focus on finding best-in-class tools that deliver great results. You can read more about our mission.

Tech Stacks

Our preferred implementation languages are Haskell and Rust. You can read up on our preferred DevOps toolchain.


FP Complete maintains and contributes to multiple open source projects. Please see our technology-specific homepages linked above for more details.


Please explore our links above, as well as our blog, for lots of documentation and worked articles on some of our favorite technology topics.

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